Tide Table for April in Exuma.

Date Day High Tide Low Tide High Tide Low Tide Sunrise Sunset
1st Sun 2.34a 3.4 9.04a 1.3 3.02p 3.1 9.13p 1.2 6-01 6-27
2nd Mon 3.31a 3.4 9.57a 1.2 4.00p 3.4 10.13p 1.0 6-00 6-27
3rd Tue 4.26a 3.6 10.47a 0.8 4.54p 3.5 11.10p 0.8 5-59 6-27
4th Wed 5.17a 3.7 11.35a 0.5 5.45p 3.8 5-58 6-27
5th Thu 6.07a 3.8 00.04a 0.5 6.35p 4.1 12.23p 0.2 5-57 6-28
6th Fri 6.57a 3.8 00.56a 0.2 7.25p 4.3 1.10p 0.0 5-56 6-29
7th Sat 7.46a 3.8 1.48a 0.0 8.15p 4.4 1.57p 0.0 5-55 6-29
8th Sun 8.36a 3.8 2.40a 0.0 9.06p 4.4 2.46p 0.0 5-54 6-30
9th Mon 9.27a 3.7 3.33a 0.2 9.59p 4.3 3.37p 0.0 5-53 6-30
10th Tue 10.22a 3.5 4.28a 0.3 10.55p 4.1 4.32p 0.2 5-52 6-30
11th Wed 11.20a 3.4 5.25a 0.6 11.55p 3.9 5.30p 0.5 5-51 6-31
12th Thu 6.26a 0.8 12.23p 3.3 6.33p 0.8 5-50 6.31
13th Fri 00.58a 3.7 7.30a 0.9 1.31p 3.3 7.41p 1.0 5-49 6-32
14th Sat 2.02a 3.6 8.34a 1.0 2.38p 3.3 8.50p 1.0 5-48 6-32
15th Sun 3.06a 3.5 9.34a 1.0 3.41p 3.4 9.54p 1.2 5-47 6-33
16th Mon 4.03a 3.4 10.27a 0.9 4.36p 3.4 10.51p 1.0 5-46 6-33
17th Tue 4.55a 3.4 11.13a 0.9 5.24p 3.5 11.41p 1.0 5-45 6-34
18th Wed 5.41a 3.4 11.54a 0.8 6.07p 3.6 5-44 6-35
19th Thu 6.22a 3.4 00.26a 0.9 6.46p 3.6 12.32p 0.8 5-44 6-35
20th Fri 7.00a 3.4 1.07a 0.9 7.23p 3.7 1.08p 0.8 5-43 6-35
21st Sat 7.38a 3.3 1.45a 0.8 7.59p 3.7 1.43p 0.8 5-42 6-35
22nd Sun 8.14a 3.3 2.23a 0.8 8.36p 3.7 2.18p 0.8 5-41 6-36
23rd Mon 8.51a 3.2 3.01a 0.9 9.13p 3.6 2.54p 0.8 5-40 6.36
24th Tue 9.28a 3.1 3.39a 0.9 9.51p 3.6 3.30p 0.9 5-39 6-37
25th Wed 10.07a 3.0 4.19a 1.0 10.31p 3.5 4.09p 1.0 5-38 6-37
26th Thu 10.50a 3.0 5.01a 1.2 11.14p 3.4 4.51p 1.2 5-38 6-38
27th Fri 11.37a 3.0 5.46a 1.3 5.39p 1.3 5-37 6-38
28th Sat 00.02a 3.4 6.34a 1.3 12.30p 3.0 6.35p 1.3 5-36 6-39
29th Sun 00.55a 3.4 7.27a 1.3 1.29p 3.1 7.37p 1.3 5-35 6-39
30th Mon 1.52a 3.4 8.21a 1.2 2.29p 3.3 8.42p 1.2 5-35 6-39
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The Fishing Foodie report

My family took a vacation down to Exuma in the Bahamas late January/early February.  Most of our time was spent relaxing in the sun, but I managed to get some fishing in while I was there too.  We went with our good friends Eric, Liz and their two kids.  We had a couple great trips on the water.

Conch from ExumaEric’s birthday was on a Tuesday, and we had planned to do a full day of deep sea fishing through Robert’s Island Adventures.  We met up with Robert at about 8:00 at the docks.  The wind was whipping, and while he said we could go out, the forecast for Wednesday was much better, so we decided to postpone for a day.  Needless to say both Eric and I were pretty disappointed we couldn’t get out on Tuesday.  When we got back to our condo, we started talking with Harris (Sugar) Smith who was doing some maintenance on one of the units near by.  We knew that he also did his share of fishing and tours on the island, and also that his boat was on the calm side.  Well, the day turned around quickly.  Harris said he would take both families out for an afternoon on the water, and what a great time it was.

Spearing a GrouperAfter a short 15-20 minute boat ride the fun began.  Harris asked me if I had driven a boat before, and when I said yes, he jumped in the water with his mask and snorkel and told me to follow him.  About a minute later, he dove down and quickly surfaced with a huge conch.  This happened repeatedly for about 10 minutes and he quickly had a dozen conch in the boat.  A couple minutes later, he asked Eric to hand him his Hawaiian Sling (spear), and he did.  Harris was under water for about 30 seconds, and then he popped out of the water with a beautiful Grouper hanging from his spear.

Spearing LobsterAfter that adventure, Harris hopped back in the boat and drove for about 5 minutes, stopped and jumped back in the water with spear in hand.  What happened next was even more amazing for us Minnesota folks.  Harris snorkeled on the surface for a minute, dove down and this time came up with a beautiful Lobster on his Hawaiian Sling.  Lobster after lobster came in the boat, and one was a monster!





Lunch is served

Copied from: thefishingfoodie.wordpress.com. Thank you


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Tying the knot at Santanna’s Grill Pit

Host Dee & bride Sue (Dee's the one on the right!)

Long time bonefishing Brit, Gary and his beautiful bride Sue, held their beach-side wedding at Santanna’s Grill Pit in Williams Town Little Exuma. With

Here comes the Bride !

Dee as their host decking out the walkway with palm fronds and bougainvillea and balloons their married life sure started on the right (bare)foot.
Under a warm tropical sun and a backdrop of the turquoise ocean, what more could you want?
Congratulations Gary and Sue, it sure beats bone fishing !

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Exuma Music and Heritage Festival

Plans are in place for the Bahamian Music & Heritage Festival to be held in Regatta Park George Town Exuma. A star studded line up of Bahamian stars will entertain from Thursday 15th March through Saturday 17th March. In addition to music there will be food and competitions. Come on down to this 3 day event.

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Tide Tables Exuma-March 2012

Tide times vary around the coast of the island. Recommend you note the time of high tide where you are, compare that with the time
shown in the table below, and note the difference. That difference can then be added (or subtracted) when checking on future tides.
Times shown are US Eastern Standard Times. Heights are in feet. a is am. p is pm.

Date Day High Tide Low Tide High Tide Low Tide Sunrise Sunset
1st Thu 1.23a 3.2 7.51a 1.6 1.36p 2.8 7.47p 1.2 6-32 6-12
2nd Fri 2.21a 3.3 8.51a 1.5 2.37p 2.8 8.48p 1.2 6-31 6-13
3rd Sat 3.19a 3.4 9.49a 1.5 3.38p 2.9 9.47p 1.0 6-30 6-13
4th Sun 4.14a 3.4 10.41a 1.2 4.34p 3.1 10.44p 0.9 6-29 6-14
5th Mon 5.05a 3.6 11.29a 0.9 5.25p 3.4 11.36p 0.6 6-28 6-14
6th Tue 5.52a 3.7 6.14p 3.5 12.13p 0.6 6-27 6-15
7th Wed 6.38a 3.9 00.27a 0.5 7.01p 3.8 12.57p 0.3 6-27 6-15
8th Thu 7.23a 3.9 1.16a 0.2 7.48p 4.0 1.40p 0.2 6-26 6-16
9th Fri 8.09a 3.9 2.05a 0.0 8.36p 4.1 2.24p 0.0 6-25 6-16
10th Sat 8.56a 3.8 2.55a 0.0 9.25p 4.2 3.10p 0.0 6-24 6-17
11th Sun 9.44a 3.7 3.46a 0.2 10.17p 4.1 3.58p 0.0 6-23 6-17
12th Mon 10.36a 3.5 4.40a 0.3 11.12p 4.0 4.49p 0.2 6-22 6.18
13th Tue 11032a 3.4 5.38a 0.6 5.45p 0.3 6-21 6-18
14th Wed 00.12a 3.8 6.41a 0.9 12.34p 3.3 6.48p 0.6 6-20 6-18
15th Thu 1.17a 3.7 7.49a 1.0 1.42p 3.2 7.56p 0.8 6-19 6-19
16th Fri 2.25a 3.6 8.57a 1.0 2.53p 3.2 9.05p 0.9 6.17 6.2
17th Sat 3.30a 3.6 10.01a 1.0 3.59p 3.2 10.11p 0.9 6.15 6.20
18th Sun 4.30a 3.6 10.57a 0.9 4.57p 3.4 11.09p 0.8 6.15 6-20
19th Mon 5.23a 3.6 11.45a 0.8 5.48p 3.4 6.14 6-21
20th Tue 6.09a 3.6 00.01 0.8 6.32p 3.5 12.28p 0.6 6.13 6-21
21st Wed 6.51a 3.6 00.46a 0.8 7.13p 3.6 1.07p 0.6 6.12 6.22
22nd Thu 3.5 1.28a 0.6 7.51p 3.6 1.43p 0.6 6.11 6-22
23rd Fri 8.07a 3.4 2.08a 0.6 8.28p 3.6 2.18p 0.6 6.10 6.23
24th Sat 8.43a 3.4 2.46a 0.8 9.04p 3.6 2.52p 0.6 6.09 6-23
25th Sun 9.18a 3.3 3.24a 0.8 9.41p 3.5 3.26p 0.8 6.08 6.24
26th Mon 9.55a 3.2 4.03a 0.9 10.20p 3.5 4.02p 0.9 6.07 6-24
27th Tue 10.34a 3.1 4.44a 1.2 11.01p 3.4 4.40p 1.0 6.06 6-24
28th Wed 11.16a 3.0 5.27a 1.3 11.47p 3.4 5.22p 1.2 6-06 6-24
29th Thu 6.16a 1.5 12.04p 2.9 6.11p 1.3 6-05 6-25
30th Fri 00.38a 3.4 7.09a 1.5 12.59p 2.9 7.07p 1.3 6-04 6-25
31st Sat 1.35a 3.4 8.07a 1.5 2.00p 2.9 8.09p 1.3 6.02 6-26


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New Phone Service Conched Out

Customers get the new $G cell phones

HAVING invested significant capital in its cellular network, the Bahamas Telecommunications Company’s (BTC) vice-president of marketing, Marlon Johnson told Tribune Business the company was confident that “in a matter of months” a lot “nuisances” affecting its customers would be resolved.

On Friday, the company reported that due to a fibre cut by workmen near its Prince Charles location, there had been widespread disruption to its cellular network affecting, in particular, customers in Abaco, New Providence, Eleuthera and Exuma.

“It’s a terrible inconvenience to our customers who would have to go the majority of the day without cellular services. It was one of those situations that was out of our control, but we have been responding to it to get it repaired,” Mr Johnson told Tribune Business.

“We are really refreshing our entire network, and have made significant investments in a brand new cellular network, and made significant progress bringing the NGN product, the land-line system, into full operation. We feel confident that in a matter of months a lot of these nuisance-type situations would go away.

“Unfortunately, even when you have sometimes catastrophic occasions like a fibre cut, that can disrupt the services. What we are doing for that is

Hello, Hello!

making sure, wherever possible, that we have redundancies either on-island or off-island, and make sure that if something catastrophic happens we have something alternative to fall on. It will take some time to get the network as robust and resilient as it should be, but we’re on a track to get there.” BTC has invested $43 million in its new cellular network.

Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers Confederation (BCCEC) president, Winston Rolle, told Tribune Business he had not received any complaints from businesses, noting that phone services were key to their operations. “Their (BTC) ability to identify and rectify the problem is going to be the key thing,” Mr Rolle said.

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Free 7 Day Vacation in The Bahamas

Submit your favorite Bahamas photo or video  and you could, not only win a free 7 day vacation in The Bahamas, but also you could appear on the Tourism Boards TV commercials.  Fame at last !

For full information go to www.Facebook.com/thebahamas

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Guest Review

Where do we begin to describe this fantastic vacation destination? The pictures on the site are very accurate but don’t tell the whole story. The picture of Gail on the sandbar is a grand example of what you are in for. Over the 9 days we were there, we kayaked over 22 kms. around the deserted Moriah Cay and nearby Man O War Cay. We lost count of how many stunning white sand beaches we discovered but in one day we counted 10! Any one of them is worthy of a front cover of a travel book. Don and Gail supply a great 2 person Kayak. The Villa has exquisite views of Moriah Harbour and overlooks the entire southwest tip of Grand Exuma. This is our third trip to the Bahamas and we previously stayed in beach-front villas, which is not the case here. You have a 5 minute walk down to the water which is very jagged and rocky, but the 15 minute Kayak adventure over to Moriah more than makes up for it. During our adventures we saw a baby osprey in a nest with his mom and dad, sea turtles, herons, and lots of other sea life. We highly recommend renting a car for the entire trip as Grand Exuma has lots to explore but not within walking distance. (We rented from Thompson’s which was very reasonable. The battery died as we were going out for our anniversary dinner, Don was quick to the rescue with alternate car arrangements and ensured Thompson had a new car ready for us the next day. ) With regards to our hosts, they a wonderful couple from England who know the island very well and are very quick to tend to your every need but disappear just as quickly to give you maximum privacy. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit with them on our last night! Another highlight of the trip was our three visits to Stocking Island. Elvis the water taxi driver runs you over to the Chat n Chill which is a crowded but true Bahamian out-island experience. Elvis gave us a tip of walking to the west of the Chat n Chill around the bluff to perhaps the most stellar beach of our trip complete with white sand beach, calm gin-clear water and 4 reefs a few yards off shore full of hundreds of tropical fish for snorkeling. The young boys running the conch salad bar at Chat n Chill make a delicious conch salad fresh right in front of you. They throw the conch shells back in the water which has attracted 4 very friendly stingrays who love to rub up against you and see if you have food.” see part 2

5 out of 5
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Paddle Boarding comes to Exuma

It’s been two weeks now since returning from our Exuma Bahamas vacation and I’m still smiling.

My husband and I decided to get out of the cold, grey North East and booked a last minute trip to Exuma. Based on our search we thought Exuma would be the perfect destination, not too far away, WARM, beautiful beaches and lots of sunshine!

After settling in we decided to rent a car and go sightseeing. With no particular destination in mind, we decided to go north. The drive along the coast was spectacular! I didn’t know that greens and blues existed in these colors … the water in Exuma pops! literally jaw dropping gorgeous!!

By chance we found the Shoreline Beach Club in Rolleville (do not confuse with Rolle Town, It’s forty minutes away in the other direction), where Exuma Kitesurfing is located. We had lunch and watched the kiteboarders. I was mesmerized watching the brightly colored kites fly in what seemed to be all dimensions.

After inquiring about kiteboarding lessons, we realized that we weren’t ready for kiteboarding just yet. The Exuma Kitesurfing guys suggested we try stand-up paddle boards (SUPs), as the following day’s forecast called for light winds which would be more suitable for SUPs.

Our introduction to SUP day started around 3pm with a short 30 minute lesson and we were off! The instructor suggested we paddle to the “mushroom rock” on an out and back paddle, about two and a half miles total – and what a treat it was. The water is crystal clear! and the beaches have powder like sand. We could see everything! spotted eagle rays, sand dollars, and starfish. The paddle to the mushroom rock was all in waist deep water and the area is protected by a reef, so I was feeling really confident by the time we arrived at the mushroom rock after forty minutes of paddling.

There were perfect, friendly knee high waves peeling off the mushroom rock. Never did I believe that I would be catching waves on the SUP my first day out! Yes we both fell a lot in the waves, but no problem the water was thigh to waist deep. Before we knew it we’d been paddling in the waves going on an hour and the sun was getting low.

The paddle back was almost effortless with a slight tail wind and the sunset was beautiful … I counted four different cloud formations punctuating the orange, magenta sky. I’m now in love with Exuma and stand-up paddle boards.

We will be back to Exuma next winter and may even try kiteboarding. Thank you Exuma Kitesurfing for introducing us to SUPs and sharing such a special place with us.



copied from Frommers.
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59th National Family Island Regatta

The 59th annual family island regatta will be held April 24th to 28th here in Elizabeth Harbour Exuma. The Chairman and commodore of the regatta, Danny Strachan  announced that this year Coca Cola have joined the list of sponsors. Over 5 days races will be held in different classes and attracts Bahamian sailboats from all over the Bahama Islands. This highly competitive event is raced over a triangular course, usually two laps, and the boats are followed by over a 100 small dinghies and power boats.

The first family island regatta was promoted to encourage the Bahamian  boat building  industry which was in decline as powered boats were taking over the local fishing industry. Each year the number of boats has increased and now the whole town has become involved with providing food and drink to the crowds that flock to Exuma for this occasion.

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