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Basil Minns

For such a quiet unassuming person you would be forgiven for thinking that Basil Minns is just another charming older local on the island of Exuma. Well let me put you right. Basil’s first claim to fame is that he was born in what is the  oldest hotel in George Town, The Peace and Plenty. … Continue reading »

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Junkanoo 2011

This morning at 4 am many bleary eyed but happy people made their way to George Town in Exuma for Junkanoo. This annual ritual consists of a procession through the town of groups of amateur musicians dressed in colorful elaborate costumes. Its organized in a competition with performers from the different settlements, who have been … Continue reading »

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Shipwrecks in Exuma

Shipwrecks in The Exumas: The Austin Smith was a 90-foot Bahamian Defense Force patrol boat that was decommissioned and destined to be sunk as an artificial reef off San Salvador. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on where you’re set to dive) the ship sank enroute, in 60 feet in the Exumas

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Exuma Library

For over 50 years the island of Exuma has had a free lending library. Started by Lady Ranfurly, the wife of the then Governor of The Bahamas. The governor being the representative of the British Government to the Islands of the Bahamas. Lady Ranfurly started the library to encourage literacy and reading throughout The Bahamas. … Continue reading »

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Prosperity in Bahamas

We saw in earlier blogs on Bahamian history how the original inhabitants, the Lucayan Indians were enslaved by the Spanish and exported to the South American gold mines, how the British took possession of the islands in exchange for Florida, and later how the exiled loyalists from the US settled and tried to establish cotton … Continue reading »

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Junkanoo is a Bahamian festival that occurs during the dark hours of morning on the 26th of December and again bringing in its first hours of light on the first day of the new year. Thousands dance through Bay Street, Nassau’s town center, like a wild ocean of colour, while deep goat skin rhythms reverberate … Continue reading »

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Crab Cay in Elizabeth Harbour

Crab Cay is a 170 acre island located in Elizabeth Harbour off the North Eastern coast of Exuma. The island has several beautiful beaches around its coast line and currently is undeveloped and deserted. Little is known of its history until the end of the eighteenth century when we know that a British naval officer … Continue reading »

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Piracy in The Bahamas

From the late 1600s to the early 1700s, pirates, privateers and buccaneers ruled the waves around The Bahamas, and the stories of their exploits have been passed through the generations as carefully as the plundered treasure itself. The shallow offshore waters close to busy shipping lanes and reefs that could prove hazardous to all but … Continue reading »

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History of Exuma (part 4)

History of Exuma (part 1) traced the earliest known inhabitants, the Lucayan Indians History of Exuma (part 2) told of Columbus’s epic voyage and discovery of the islands that became known as The Bahamas History of Exuma (part 3) followed the arrival of loyalist settlers from America. The Loyalist Legacy. For 15years around the turn … Continue reading »

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History of Exuma (part 3)

Earlier in part 1 of History of Exuma we learnt of the Lucayan Indians that occupied the Bahamian islands when Columbus arrived In History of Exuma (part 2) we moved forward to the days of the Loyalist settlers who arrived with their slaves around 1783. Now we follow their progress: The Struggles of the Loyalist … Continue reading »

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